Monday, 8 April 2013

Today's Favourite thing about life

Rainy days

 Yes I know its a kind of cliche. But I love rainy days . I love the way it leaves the air smelling outside after a summer rainstorm. How it seems to bring everything to life. How rain make the world a more romantic place where you can imagine the great writers being inspired by the weather to create novels like Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre and The woman in White. I will always love the idea of sitting in a cafe on a rainy day near to the seaside smelling the mixture of rain and salty sea in the air. Reading a book over my cuppa and letting the rest of the world dissolve away in the moment.  I remember a wonderful piece of music I once was learning to play on the piano I think It could have been Debussy which was called ' Gardens in the rain' It was the most beautiful piece of music and listening to it you could almost feel the rain falling onto you and see the slow dip of the evening sun and the gracefully bowing weeping willows that line my imagination.
When I was a small child I had quite a heightened sense of smell and could always tell when I was going to rain to my glee and my mothers absolute horror. I used to point the fact on many occasions just after she had finished pegging out the washing.And usually about 30 minutes later the heavens would open up and we would get a down pour.
Nowadays as I am living in the 4th driest country in the world I appreciate water and its scarcity even more than I did as a child. I think living in Jordan has taught me about appreciating what I have now in the moment especially as not so far away there is anything but peace and security. Fortunately Jordan seems to be a no-mans land In terms of disturbance so I am quite lucky in that I feel totally safe. And day to day life is as it ever was despite the many discussions about the conflicts elsewhere.

And after a good rainstorm you have to get a rainbow. I took these photos whilst out and about with my dad and bb Zak whilst on holiday in the UK. On this particular trip there was a very heavy rainstorm followed by the most beautiful double rainbow. It was so stunning that all along the road we had stopped on to eat our sandwiches people were just stopping their cars and getting our in the rain to take photos of the wondrous display of nature. I was like our own natural work of art. I counted almost 20 cars which had stopped just to take in the moment and record it for themselves. It was very magical as there was an electricity in the air that made the atmosphere extra special.

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