Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Today's favourite thing is Woodlands. Especially the woodlands near to my childhood home. The wonderful natural umbrella sheltering me from the elements. The amazing environment for wildlife and plants. And a fantastic place in which magical memories can be made.

When I was a small child my father used to carry me on his shoulders when we went on family walks together. I remember the endless renditions of 'The Wind in the Willows'  I would cajole him into telling ( only with my own twist on the plot lol) with fondness.

This same woods were on the path of Alison Utterly, author of 'Little Gray Rabbit' on her way to the local school as a child. She spent many of her youth living  just above my parents home. Apparently her later novel which was aimed at the adult market was based around her experiences as a child just as her children's books were also inspired by her beloved Boowwood.

I think that it was growing up close to the natural world has given me a great love and respect for its beauty and an even greater desire to protect the environment now and for my son and his children.

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