Thursday, 9 May 2013

A new sun hat for little Zak



Have almost finished my reversible hat for Zak from a wonderful clothes making book written by Shelly Figueroa and Karen LePage. I did vhange a few bits though. For example the gone fishing hat was sewn so that it looked as though is was being worn inside out but as I used cotton material rather than sth with a bit more stretch plus it would have frayed a bit more than I would have liked I made the pieces a little larger and put everything together inside out. ( hope you got the gist) and made both inner hat and outer hat completely of one type of fabric. I then diverted a little away from the pattern and am finishing off the brim with some spare white ribbon. Bingo a reversible hat. This is also an Eco friendly make as The material shown in the picture above is an old pair of summer shorts which my husband had never worn and was hanging around in the back of our wardrobe. The second material was a baby sheet which was too small for my little chap now he has reached 2 and a half.
Sewing for Boys has been a real blessing for me as I have been searching about for boys clothing patterns for an age and this is perfect!. The next thing to think about will be material as I don't have a huge amount of suitable material hanging around. So I think this re-using trend will continue for a while longer. And I have quite a lot of old clothes I no longer wear I could use to make sth new for Zak. Will have to try a pair of trousers next.

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