Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A quiet moment

Summertime is almost here in Jordan. My son is running about in his vest and boy pants now its warmer and his potty training is under-way. I am thankful for his presence in my life every day. Its a joy to watch his development and so he is my blessing for today. His little smile and muddled speech. His idiosyncrasies that surprise me every time and make me smile. Each developmental step he makes and  new skill he learns fills me with wonder. Especially the ones which are total surprises to me. Like for example once last week when he brought me my slippers while I was washing the dishes in the kitchen and told me 'mummy wear' . And tried to put them on me himself. It was such a lovely thing as I had forgotten them in the living room and this sign of such maturity in him bought tears to my eyes. It was even sweeter for me as he had to go into the living room twice as he could only carry one slipper at a time. Or his joining in the with theme tune of 'Wonder pets' and singing 'team work' whilst eating his breakfast. I know too well from seeing other families how fast children grow up and how soon they are too old to sit and read with their parents. So I am cherishing this time. Despite the occasional challenges that come our way which are at times very frustrating and difficult. We have however gotten over most of the hills placed in our path. So today's blessing which is a huge one for me . I was thinking of having the blessings feature and then the people I am blessed to know but thought I'd do both together today. 

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