Thursday, 9 May 2013

Adding something new to a small window

In my home we have a really small windowsill which was looking rather bare. So I sewed this nice sill cover with my friendly sewing machine and added a few ocean inspired items. A beautiful little boat I nabbed whilst on holiday in the UK. A cactus my sister in law gave me as a gift. A rustic looking oil burner and a glass vase which my lovely husband gave me on valentines. OK well the contents of the vase are not the same as when I was first given it ( it had roses in it then). But with the nautical theme in mind I put some sand in which I collected on my honeymoon in Egypt, some shells from that holiday in the UK and some dried flowers. And bingo a seaside themed  windowsill yay. I have to say this tall vase display idea can work very well for many themes. Just use your imagination , and the good thing about it is you can keep changing it every season if you like to keep your decor fresh.
Today's favourite thing about life is quiet time with my son. It can come any time of the day but sitting reading or watching TV or even drawing with my little fella is the most amazing thing for me. Especially as he is really starting to develop his language skills. And we are starting to have some really nice chats. And it reminds me of how great it is being a mum, what a gift it is to be given the chance to help a small mind develop into adulthood. To be the person who can help him develop intellectually and emotionally. And although sometimes honestly it scares the crap out of me. It is also such a precious time I am trying to save every moment of his progression in my memory so I never forget when he is grown up and no longer wants to sit on his mummy's knee.


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