Wednesday, 8 May 2013

An evening thought


Having managed to stretch my Molokia dinner for two days, do some important organising work ( stuffing - clears throat lol) ,  washed and teeth cleaned my little tot and gotten him snuggled up in bed dreaming of sugar plumbs I have finally sat down at my laptop for an evening edition of my blog. Having gotten rather behind with my planned projects for this early summer I am hoping next week to finally get back on track and finally get started with some photo tutorials for my home decor and accessories ideas so hopefully they will be coming up soon. I am also going to put some photos of my most recent project which is a reversible sun hat for my son Zak. Which is really important in this hot country when he goes out playing as is also suncream. Today I discovered a really good use for old cardboard cereal boxes which is a good way to recycle them into art. I got some pens and pencils out and unfolded the boxes so they were flat sheets again  and set up an art table for my son and he drew some pictures on them. It was really quite lovely having him sat on a dinning chair leaning his art on a stool and making some nice pictures for me while I cooked. This has to be the best part about being a mother. Having those moments when your child's speech, actions or ideas surprise you. I think I just about got used to his understanding being at a certain level after he turned one and a half but now his language is developing and his perception is progressing and I am constantly amazed by the advancement of his conclusions and thought processes.
Today I made a vow to get to the end of my current novel The Ladies paradise. This is a novel which has caused me much vexation as as soon as I get to chapter two I fall into a period of my life when there is a lot of activity and I end up putting my book aside for a while and when I return I have totally forgotten the plot and have to start again. I cannot tell you how many times I have read chapter one lol. On top of which there have also been the occasions in which the tiny hand of my son have grabbed at this book on my bedside table and my bookmark has gone walk-about many times which meant I ended up , yup , starting again. So I have vowed tonight this is going to be my last attempt before I try my luck with another novel and give myself a break from this little piece of Parisian bliss lol.

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