Sunday, 19 May 2013

final thought for the day

While sitting outside with my sister in laws watching all our children playing together in the fading light It occurred to me how lovely the sunset was. So I dashed into my house and grabbed the old digital camera and took a few shots I'd like to share with you guys.

It was a lovely time for me today , sat with one of my sister in laws showing her some music on my MP3 player ( she is learning English) And looking over at her listening to an English track made me suddenly feel a familiar  emotion of guilt. Every countries people I have encountered have had a drive to speak English. And yet I have on rarely seen a British person really making the effort to learn another language. It is so easy to communicate with English I guess we have all become quite lazy as a Nation . Which is why one of my major personal life goals has been to learn 7 languages other than my own to a good level so that I can show it is not always the person with whom I am talking who has to make the adjustments in order for communication to happen. I think the older I get the more respect I have for each nations diversity and beauty, the more I wish to know about them before I depart this life. And the more I wish to see as it is all so breathtaking.

This is one of my favorite times of the day when the world becomes quite silent as though waiting for the night to come.

Nothing better than a mug of Nescafé when watching the clouds float by .

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