Wednesday, 8 May 2013

life appreciation entry for today

Ok I havern't written every day but I have got more than one today to kinda catch up. So first one is Heinz baked beans on toast. Have to say this has been a favorite my whole life and its quite healthy if you keep the butter at a minimum. When I eat beans on toast as I did for a very satisfying lunch today I remember all those school evenings when I was a child that my dad was cooking lol. Beans with bread and butter and a cup of steaming tea whilst discussing world affairs and such with him over the kitchen table. Then at uni being so tired from studying ( clears throat lol) that beans was all I could be bothered to cook. Then at work later cooking it as a quick evening meal . And now with my son having it as a kitchen staple to whip up on a busy day. And lets face it nobody makes baked beans quite like heinz, or ketchup for that matter.
Floral fragranced floor cleaner is my next favorite. Ok it does sound stereotypical but I have always loved the smell of a newly cleaned home. The freshness and airyness it exudes and the feeling of relaxation I get when its all done and I can finally have some me and zak time and sometimes some me time ( mainly when I am doing my daily workout).
And lastly for today lol the small bird that wakes my son and me up every morning. It is a small tropical bird which flys to our bedroom windows and taps on them every morning. Its like our own natural alarm clock and its free and enviromentally friendly. What could be better. I have no idea why the bird taps on the window every morning as it usually only taps for  about 20 mins ( the time it takes me to get up lol) and then stops. But Its a real help for me otherwise I might overlay. Once I get my camera together I will write my first photo tutorial for you guys.
So see you soon .:)

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