Thursday, 9 May 2013

Nature spot

I saw this amazing bird on my windowsill today . It cam and sat there for about five minutes and tapped its beak against the window. It seemed to be almost wanting to be invited inside for a cup of tea. The way it paced about out there on the window ledge with its plume of vibrant hair knocking its steely beak against the transparent wall between us. It reminds me of the fact that even after three years I am still astounded by the natural world here in Jordan and its mysterious apparel. This moment stick out in my busy day of running after a nappieless son who I am trying to potty train, cleaning, cooking and organising because it was at about the same time that I managed to sit down and relax finally.

I love these little moments in time when time itself seems to slow down and stop. A silent moment sat with my cup of tea left to ponder the grand scheme of things. To consider how simply and easily the whole world could get on better just by putting differences aside, getting rid of extreme philosophies and radicalisation and focusing on the similarities between nations. To see the beauty of humanity in all its shapes- families and cultures of all kinds, , millions of people living their lives with hopes and dreams which can be shared. Maybe I am an idealist but my wishes that there be a peaceful world also regards conflicts very close to home. I still live with the hope that all the conflicts which are close to me will be resolved to the benefit of the people who live within their lands. I dream of a time in which those you are associated with and the religion by which you live does not instantly cause those you meet to either become wary of you or treat you as an inferior being. A time in which the reality is as clear as the windows of my home and the priority for all governments is to have a peaceful co-operative existence. Sos getting off my soap box ( get a bit carried away sometimes) As this blog is not only my opportunity to put projects and crafts and a view of my life here in Jordan but also to project my hopefully informed opinion on issues close to me. My opinion as always is quite neutral- I kinda have a feeling this is my innate Britishness coming out. So more gratitude posts to come  ( I have loads of them), some tutorials, some home posts, some recipes and a few pics of the countryside around my childhood home in England ( which is really beautiful).
So keep posted!!!

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