Friday, 3 May 2013

todays gratitude post

Today's gratitude post is for the satisfaction you get when you have completed a job and have managed to get the result you wanted. I thought of this as today I pulled up my sleeves and got on with the job of cleaning my bedroom carpet. Armed with a hand brish a couple of tubs of carpet cleaner and a plastic tub of water I got to work. It was really quite exhausting work but a really good work out for my arms. And I was surprised how well the carpet looked afterwards so was well worth it.
I personally am a bit of a procrastinator at times and do tend to put things off a little ( especially jobs I really don't want to do!!!) But usually having gotten past the ( "Oh do I have to do it") part I get into the task at hand and then am quite happy after. Especially when it actually all works out and everything is as it should be thank goodness.

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