Saturday, 18 May 2013

Todays gratitude post

Today's gratitude post is for all the things we regard as culinary indulgences, chocolate, cake, cream, ice-cream sweets. Because once in a while a little of what you fancy doesn't do any harm. By the way this cake in the photo was made by my incredibly talented sister in law who is an expert with all things regarding cakes and biscuits. This was made for a birth in my extended family. I try to keep as healthy as possible in my diet but have to admit a few guilty pleasures. Firstly foxes chocolate chip biscuits dipped in a good mug of tea ( Yorkshire gold) which I have to add is absolute heaven . A square of extremely dark chocolate melted slowly in the mouth over a similarly heart melting movie. I prefer to eat ice creams and more junk food whilst watching action movies, comedies, and less serious genres. I like popcorn for horror, thrillers and psychological movies as it kind of has a calming effect on me which is good when your watching something scary added to the fact that a large bowl is great for hiding behind in the really scary bits. My all time favorite dessert is Crème Brule - yup its a French dish but well they really know how to cook so I have no complaints especially as Eton mess comes at a close second. Many treats have special memories for me . Like the lemon flan which my mother used to make all during my childhood every time there was a family gathering, the Thornton's treacle toffee which I used to chew furiously on Bonfire night and in fact if I had the chance all through the winter too or the Pierogi I used to love eating whilst living and teaching English language in Poland during my 20s. I have to say I am totally in love with Italian Ice cream too. We are lucky enough to have a gourmet ice-cream restaurant in the nearby town and when we visit during the summer months I love to sit in the coolness of the evening on one of their small metal tables with a tub of creamy ice-cream and watch the world go by ( fantastic!).
I would like to end this post by making quite an attractive suggestion to all readers. And that is to go right now and give yourself a treat as once in a while its nice to have a bit of something you'd normally steer clear of health wise. Have that little piece of chocolate or scoop of deliciously creamy ice-cream. For me the fact that its not usually an every day occurrence makes it more special.  So what r you waiting for ......

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