Sunday, 19 May 2013

Today's Gratitude post

By looking at this photo you can't necessarily know straight away what this is so will elaborate. Its an almost completely finished jar of my dear mum's home made chutney which I have absolutely enjoyed eating with some nice cheese , bread and a cup of tea. Today's post concerns those recipes only your mum can make that good. This jar is especially difficult to finish for me as I am living overseas and so the things I have retained from my homeland have become precious in a way I could have never thought I would whilst living in the UK. Up until recently the things which are so easy to get your hands on but like gold dust here have been one of my challenges to find. Mushrooms are one and English brands like Heinz beans and Lurpak butter and one of my all time finds which incidentally was German Hagen daz ice cream ( they really know how to make ice cream the Germans) . Each time I have some of my chutney I smile to imagine my mum cooking it in our family home on the hill in the secluded English countryside. Thanks mum x.

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