Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Wow things have been soo busy this year!!!!!!!

I am proud to announce the greatly anticipated marriage of my darling sister in law this last month .She is one of the nicest women I have ever met so I wish her a happy married life. mabrujk Habibti! ( congratulations darling).
The wedding was rather different from a British or western wedding as it is heavily choreographed. It took place in an events hall and incorporated many of the traditions which are part of the western wedding - the slow dance for the wedding couple, the cutting of the cake etc. But there were a few differences too. Rather than having piles of presents the bride and groom are given envelopes of money by their families to help them along with their new life together and also gold jewelry. The bride also takes part in a traditional ritual of exchanging her costume jewelry for her wedding jewelry which is usually a rather hefty gold set which is worn for everyday and kept for an investment for a rainy day . There is usually a lot of dancing and cake eating and some traditional Arabic dancers with drums lead the newlyweds into the party. After the party the newlyweds are escorted to their home for the wedding night before the honeymoon and then go off for a rightly needed break . After all the partying and preparation they need it !!!!All throughout the party a small film crew follow the couple taking pictures and filming their big day and after the honeymoon provide a small edited DVD with all the photos and movies, and sometime a large photo to hang up. For me it was a lovely occasion and an excuse to get dressed up. It was however a little too much for little Zak who fell asleep half way through the proceedings and stayed that way till we went home ( his ability to sleep through such loud music amazes me I could never do that - must be from his daddy's family!!! lol)
So At the end of he last month I have had an army of our Palestinian family arriving en-mass. So lots of cooking food, lots of talk, lots of dancing and laughing and ooh forgot to mention a little more hubbly bubblies than I am used to normally ( They really love their hubbly bubby in Palestine lol) This next week I am going to post a new tutorial for a yo yo table mat with pictures. yay!!!! I cant wait to put more tutorials on here and adding my daily note of gratitude.

OK so today's thing I am grateful for is Peanut butter!!!!
Yup you read it right!. Its an amazing quick fix for hangar pangs. In fact today I had some brown toast with peanut butter for my lunch with my son who has devoured all his sandwich with some nice cool milk . I have always had a thing about peanut butter its kind of sweet and salty at the same time. It fills you up so a small amount makes you feel quite satisfied without feeling like  you ate an elephant or compromised your nutritional intake . As always its great in moderation. But I am a bit of a faddy eater and tend to have phases of eating certain things then get bored of them and change to something else. This is a peanut butter phase so thought I'd add this to my things I am happy about life as there is nothing like it.

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