Sunday, 2 June 2013

Our family trip to Tal Al Roman

 I just thought tell you about a new place I have recently discovered which is amazing. its called Tal Al Roman and is basically a beautiful hill close to the city of Jerash ( which is also a big must see for all those people interested in walking in one of the last surviving Roman city centers). The hill boasts the most glorious views and is worth a visit as it also has views of a near by dam which is also pretty impressive. We had a lovely family outing and spent most of our visit in a resort style restaurant and play area for youngsters.
here  is one of the views from our seats in the restaurant. The weather was really great, the restaurant buildings were designed to be like palm tree tents , and the children's play area was a serious thumbs up with Zak.

The first course consisted of this seriously Moorish salad with rocket leaves, pineapple and Pomegranate, hummus, chips ( which Zak loved) , various other salads and bread sticks with olives.
I have to say that these were the best Arabic kebabs I have ever tasted. So if you are ever over here go there and try it its to die for!.

  More lovely kebabs. As you can see the portions were huge and our table was covered. What I liked about it was all the food was served as though you were at home. Rather than everyone having pre-m measured portions we all had our food placed in large plates so we could share it out together. which was nice. And with such a lovely view and the gentle blowing of the wind through our palm branch umbrella it was easy to relax and feel on holiday for the day.

Seeing the craftsmanship of the furniture there was really awe inspiring. I added this cabinet to my dream wish list for the future  ( hopefully one day will have a  piece of furniture like this is my home- god willing). It made me realise how much people miss about the positive things the middle east has given to Europe in terms of decor and design. As I stood wondering how many hours it must have taken the carpenter to put all the intricate tiny pieces of wood into place to create the pattern. Wow its just mind boggling.
And the evening dinning room looked just as inviting . I will definitely be going back to visit again it was a delight to go!

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