Saturday, 1 June 2013

Todays blessing

Today's blessing for me is that I have never forgotten my roots. No, I don't mean my hair lol I mean my parents and the home I grew up in. Its been wonderful for me to have a home of our own for myself, my husband and our son. And one of the most joyful parts for me has been adding creative little pieces of décor to make my house more of a cozy home I can emotionally feel my stamp on.
Like my collection of magnets which always seem to give me the message I need right in the perfect moment

Or the fantastic Hotel Hedgwick sign I found in an amazing little shop called 'Akanthas' which is in the quaint village of Tissington ( well worth a visit if you are ever I  Derbyshire) . They have the most gorgeous home décor and finishing for insanely good prices. I love the idea of having a home which reflects both your character and your background and travels and am always adding to my home décor or simply changing the arrangement of things so my environment always stays fresh.

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