Saturday, 8 June 2013

Todays blessing

Today's bless is quite a large one . Its all those things which remind us of the magic moments in our lives . Things which allow us to relive the memories even if just for a second in time. The smell of roses which might remind you of a grandparents garden when you were a child, The crinkle of a packet of crisps which takes you back to the weekly school trip swimming and the feeling of wet hair in the rain along with the crisps while waiting for the bus to come. A piece of music which was particularly loved. I have lots of these little queues in my memory which help me relive each moment. And the great thing about these memories is I am constantly creating new ones too. Like the almost edible smell of my baby son when I first came home from the hospital. Or the aromatherapy  infuser I have in most days in my home which makes the house smell off a mixture of flowers and frankincense. Another one I will always love is the feel of wet grass on your feet when you go out into the garden after a summer rainstorm. And the atmosphere in the air just before a thunderstorm. I wish dearly that I could put each wonderful memory and smell or sense in a library of bottles and then all I would have to do would be open the bottle and I could re-live the wonderful moment. This also counts for people dear to me who are not longer alive. My dear great aunt and uncle who were the two of the most gentle people I have ever had the Honor to know, my grandfathers and mothers two of which I was lucky enough to know and my aunt who unfortunately contracted cancer and was taken from me before I had a chance to really know her well. I love to have these moments in which we remember cherished times as it also makes us hopeful for the future. And what a wonderful future it is!!!!

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