Saturday, 1 June 2013

Tutorial for a knitted glasses case

This is my first tutorial in a long time so am really excited about getting it just right. Now this is a  knitting and sewing project. it can be adjusted to suit your tastes. In fact this same idea for the case can be used to make a clutch bag , a small handbag , a purse or in fact a pencil case depending on your preference. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get a finished front photo as my sister in law was going away within a short time of my taking these ones and I didn't manage to get the last one taken. It was a present for her mother who she is going to go see in Palestine next week.

No the first thing you need to do is decide what colour wool to knit your case in and also a suitable fabric to line it with. This is a particularly easy and quick as the lining is literally sewn onto the knitted fabric so there is no estimating how big an internal bag to make and worrying about everything fitting together. I have used my own version of basket weave stitch, however you can use many different stitches to get a unique result such as moss stitch, a basic rib or even a plain garter stitch.This project is fantastic for those moments when you want to recycle some old clothes. In this example of the case the wool I used was from a jumper my parents in law bought me to pull apart and re-knit. The fabric is remnants from a couple of meters of material I found in a charity shop and the finishing button is salvaged from an old piece of clothing which my mother in law was making into rags for their petrol station car wash.
you will need-
Wool in your chosen colour
Fabric in a chosen colour
thread in as close a colour to the colour of the wool as you can get.
a statement button or any old button
The knitted part
For the glasses case cast on 21stiches. If you r thinking about any other kind of bag or case increase the number of stitches for a larger bag in multiples of three as my version of the basket weave is in 3s.
For my version of the basket weave
lines 1-4
knit 3 purl 3 to end
lines 5-8
purl 3 knit 3 to end
keep repeating these two sets of four lines until your case is long enough to create a pouch big enough to fit your glasses in ( in the case of a glasses case).
Finishing off the closing flap
Cast off 1 stitch at each end for the next 3 lines and then cast of the remaining stitches and tie off.
Making up
I cut things a little short with this bit. At this point I get your piece of fabric and fold over the edges and pin it to the piece of knitting. I used some left over wool from my knitting to attach the knitted piece to the material but you can also use a complementary thread as you wont see it once the next stage is completed. Next you create your pouch ( leaving the shaped end extra so you can finish your closing flap. Here its better to use some of the wool you used to knit the case to blanket stitch the sides closed.
Finishing off

Here I got my trusty crochet hook out and , yes some more wool from my recycled jumper and attached it to the flap at one side and slip stitched to the middle of the curve of the flap. Here I did some estimating and chained approx 7-8 stitches before slip stitch in the next blanket stitch in the flap and continuing to the base of the flap and tying off the wool. Then I just added my button. And wallah a lovely glasses case.
But hopefully you can see how you could make a mobile case, a clutch or even a handbag by using this idea and simply incorporating a couple of extras like an I-cord  handle or wristlet. The possibilities are endless. And In the next few weeks I am going to be making a couple more examples of this project and adding some new ones to help inspire you to rummage out that old jumper you never wear and make use of its fabulous wool.

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