Sunday, 14 July 2013

An evening thought

My brother in law has made the most beautiful garden for his new wife this Ramadan. It has a gazebo, a lawn and some flowers and plants. And to this he has added tiny lights to create the right mood. I will post some more pictures of his garden during the daytime as it is really quite pretty. here are a few photos of the lights. It makes me smile to think of someone turning a small corner of earth into a little haven in which others can have a tranquil moment.
Ramadan is a good time to consider these lights like the stars in a clear night sky. How small and short our lives are in the great scheme of things. And is it not through looking at the millions of stars connected through space that we realize that we too are connected to one another regardless of religion, race or political opinion. When we forget the things which make the space between us seem as great as the stars we see the real humanity in ourselves and our variety and endless potential. We no longer focus upon what we dislike about others or what we fear about them and recognize the good in everyone. P.s that was my message for the day and my blessing.

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