Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Before fast snak ideas!!!

One of my favorite things in the whole world is toasties with a piping hot cup of tea. I absolutely adore toast with a thin layer of tomato pasta sauce and some lovely cheddar melted on top.  I am always trying to invent new toasties . Like for example my recent favorite cheese and mango pickle which is fantastic because of the sweet fruity match with savory which is great. I once had a friend who used to dip their piece of tomato n cheese toast into their tea before devouring it. And yes it does kinda seem yucky but you will be strangely surprised by how good it is. I also like tuna melts which are a close second. And then there is old fashioned white bread with good butter on.
I love peanut butter on Toast. I especially love foods you can eat with your hands like chips and dip which go really well with the evening TV. Plus there is popcorn in its many guises- crunchy and toffee as my dear sister in law Sousou made for me this last week or chicken stock cube popcorn- a bit strange but really Moorish or your bog standard salty.

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