Monday, 15 July 2013

Last nights first attempt at crochet with really fine thread

I saw my mother in laws beautiful crochet piece she was working on yesterday and wondered how difficult it would be to crochet with string or thread instead of wool. So I had a try and this is my first result which isn't too bad. Although I used the whole bobbin. I think it was worth it.

Last night I decided to have a bit of a play about with flower patterns too using all different types of wool , even t-shirt yarn which was really interesting.
My t-shirt yarn flower which was a really great recycled craft - now just have to find something to put it on.
A small ball of what I would call arty farty wool which was not enough to make anything at all really but great for a corsage.

This flower I am still working on as it is made from really fuzzy wool and I want to add a few more rows of petals. Plus part of me is a little afraid its starting to look like a sea anomie rather than a flower lol.
And these couple of amazing little flowers I found online .

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