Wednesday, 10 July 2013

My Prayer for Ramadan!!!

I pray this year that we all come closer to each other as a human race. I pray that intolerance in the world is somehow weakened just a little more this year. I pray that we can all look to our similarities more rather than what separates us from each other. I dream of a day in which all religions live side by side in peace united by the same desire for an existence in which ignorance is rejected in place of knowledge and truth. I pray that those Muslims who are being led astray will come to realize the real battle of Islam is with ourselves. The real battle is in that we have the free choice to tread the good path and show the world what good Muslims are or to cause pain and sadness where ever we go. During Ramadan it is also important to remember one of the most vital parts of Islam is that the very meaning of the word is peace. And so to cause destruction in the name of peace cannot be seen as anything but insane and cannot be  carried out in the name of a Peaceful faith.
I also pray that everyone's fasts are easy for them as this year the fasts are quite long and warm - being in the summer. I pray that all those without food for their breakfasts are provided for and that all people who are sick and unable to fast are remembered in our prayers. I pray finally that this is a wonderful Ramadan for everyone and for those who are not Muslim I pray that you have a wonderful July as it is a month full of good excuses to have fun while the weather is good.

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