Monday, 22 July 2013

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During this Ramadan Its important to remember those who are closest to our hearts. Ironically like Christmas it can be a very stressful time as everyone is busy with the activity of fasting but with the added rumbly tummy. Its so easy to forget the real message behind Ramadan. I have to say I am no saint and have found it quite difficult when over tired and hungry to remember the message is about . Ramadan is a great opportunity for us to meditate over all the things we have and be grateful for our blessings. Through the fasting we truly walk in the sues of those who have no sustenance. Through our devoting more of our evenings to prayer we become closer to our faith and feel more at one with each other. Through our acts of kindness we show our ability to put our own challenges aside and help others. For me this is Ramadan .

A couple of extra yummy ideas for our before fast meal.

Tomatoes and flat bread
A personal favorite with my son and crazily easy.
Simply fry chopped onion with 3-4 cloves of crushed garlic.
Add chopped tomatoes ( now this can be tomatoes you have chopped or a tin of chopped tomatoes - however if you use a tin it tends to be more liquidy)
Add oregano and basil for a Mediterranean feel or Arabic mixed spices for an Arabian feel or even a bit of curry or garam Masala. Serve with piping hot flat bread.. Absolutely scrummy!!!!

Potatoes and egg
This one is really great if you r forgetting the old carb free diet ( which we all kinda do during Ramadan lol!!)
Fry 3-4 potatoes which have been cut into small cubes. When the potato is cooked and golden and crunchy on the outside then add 3-4 lightly beaten eggs and heat further until the eggs are cooked through. And serve with flat bread.

This is probably spelt wrong lol. But you'd  be a fool not to try it lol. Its the easiest recipe. All you need is a tin of broad beans , some chilies and a little olive oil and you have a great healthy start to your day whether fasting or simply wanting a high protean start.
First you pour the tin of broad beans into the pan keeping back a third of the liquid . Boil the beans until they break down into a slightly mushy mixture don't  be put off by this it does taste nice!). Add salt to taste. meanwhile finely chop the chili and add it to the olive oil. When the beans are cooked mash them ever so slightly with a  pestle  and then add your extra liquid and mix a little. Drizzle the chili olive oil mix over the paste and serve with , yes you guessed it flat bread.

Three really fast breakfasts which are both filling and fun to eat. These are morning meals my extended family here in Jordan eat on a daily basis. And the bonus is they keep you full for a long time.

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