Monday, 22 July 2013

Todays blessing

I wanted to post this blessing as an encouragement to everyone who reads it as well as myself . As we all need to pep talk ourselves a little sometimes . That little internal chat to keep going whilst facing adversity. So this post is to celebrate the power every human being has within them regardless of faith. That immense quality to persist and keep trying until we reach our goals despite the negative opinions we hear. We are taught from our childhoods that there is a limit to our capacities, a cap as it were. That when we reach this peak of potential we cannot become any better. I disagree completely with this belief. There is no limit to what we are capable of as a species if we simply put our minds to it!

We see these amazing miracles every day- the 92 year old woman who completed the London marathon, the small baby who overcame all odds and survived being trapped in a bathroom pipe, those men and women who put their lives on the line every single day to help others in need. There are so many examples of bravery and strength in every adverse situation which we experience. My blessing today is for that thing within us which helps us to cope with whatever hits us great or small. And to call upon the world to use this strength not only during times of stress and worry but in every day life. To use the power of our thoughts to make our normal lives better hour by hour. This ability to turn a negative into a positive does not have to simply be a skill we call upon during painful times but can be a useful and wonderful way to make every aspect of our lives more positive, our relationships better and best of all tunes our ability to make the dreams we have all been conditioned to believe are not possible for us really become reality!
This ironically is something I am telling myself as much as you as It is so easy to forget this during the craziness of daily life that I have to keep reminding myself. And What I use Is a small crochet flower which I keep in my pocket. And every time I start to feel negative or my negative self tells me I can't do it I take out my flower and remember the immenseness of our abilities and what great positive things we are capable of !.

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