Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A Huge belated Happy Eid to everyone!!!!

Unfortunately my Internet ran out of steam sos to speak so I had to get it re-charged this week and that meant I was not online for Eid. And so I am writing a small post today about Eid. Usually at Eid in my extended family here in Jordan its a chance for everyone to get together and have a lovely meal to celebrate the end of all the fasting of Ramadan. Its a little like Christmas day in the sense that presents are given out but this is mostly in the form of money which we either save or buy ourselves some treats with.

 On the morning of Eid My family in law always cook a type of salted fish which they fry and serve with spicy fried tomatoes, pickles, flat bread and lots of piping hot tea. Usually after the breakfast we have aromatic Arabic coffee with Special Eid cakes and chocolates. Its a really lovely day as everyone buys new clothes for the occasion and wears them so its rather like a Christmas day party. There is a kind of sadness that Ramadan is over but also a relief as now we can get back to the normal routine of eating during the day rather than in the middle of the night.
this Ramadan has been one of the most difficult I have experienced since I converted as It has been during the Summer  and so I have found the lack of water during the day a big test in itself. Though I am very happy I took part and am quite proud of myself for having been able to rise to the challenge.
So Happy Eid to everyone and may you have a wonderful end of Summer !!!!!

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