Monday, 19 August 2013

August projects so far

This month despite the crazy hot temperatures I have still given a thought to knitting and crocheting some bits and bobs for when the colder weather comes to visit Jordan. Above is a shawl I have made this month ( yup pink again). It is an adapted version of a wavy scarf pattern I got from it was intended as an Eid present for my mother in law but as she mentioned she would rather have black or gray than pink this found a new home with my sister in law who saw it and asked me if she could have it .
A warm wooly hat for my dear husband for the winter time. He was very happy with result and the fit and so I was inspired to make another for my own dad and will maybe make another for little zak- if I have time along side the huge list that seems to be growing every day. Not enough hours in the day lol!!!

Trying to re-organize my stash of wool. I actually don't have much wool at the moment and am waiting for the opportunity to replenish it when I get a chance. So meanwhile I have reverted to taking unwanted old jumpers apart for their wool again. Its quite therapeutic unwinding a knitted piece and gives me  a warm feeling inside as I am being very eco friendly re-using my resources so yay to me!!!!

I also started making a grandma style banner for my parents with a Christmassy theme for when I go to the UK in December. I got so into my research for appliques for the project that I ended up going to bed after 2 am. Drinking lots of coffee today ( ZZZZZZZZZ) lol.

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