Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Clearing out my space today!!!!

Its amazing how much better you feel after clearing out a space in your home and reorganizing things a little. Today I finally got round to reshuffling the furniture in my son's bedroom and so making it a more play friendly area. Before I had two single beds in in which took up too much space and meant his room was not really a place for playing. So I moved the second bed next door and made my spare room into a guest bedroom so not bad. I will have to organize my crafty stuff better though as its in a bit of a muddle.
My blessing of the day is having a clear and clean home in which to live. I am blessed to have such a lovely home as I do and be able to move things around as I have to optimize the space available. I think its also a blessing to be able to put your personality into your home too. I love changing things all the time - such as the wall art and the cushion covers and carpets. It keeps my home environment fresh and vibrant.
I will be writing some exciting posts this week . Some tutorials and recipes and be sharing more photos with you so keep posted.

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