Monday, 5 August 2013

Evening thought

Whilst sitting with my extended family and eating our evening meal I was struck how luck I was to have  people who care around me and who can teach me so much. And for me it has meant being able to adopt a new culture as well as maintain my own . I have been able to have the best from both countries though living here and having my trips to the Uk to see my parents once a year. So I guess this is a second blessing for me today. By living here I have widened my horizons and I have been blessed to be able to meet new people all the time from different places on the globe and talk to them and understand their perspective.
It is what could be the last week of Ramadan and so there is a sense of being on the last leg of the road to Eid in terms of waking up early and eating before sunrise. But there is also a sense of wanting to make the most of the last days too. I once had a group of friends who used to sit up late during the final week of Ramadan and order pizza. They used to chat and read their Qurans and laugh and have what would normally be seen in any other time as being a sleep over ( give or take a few things) . The sense of community and the general need for people to come together during this month makes everyone feel connected to each other.  I love this time of the year here in Jordan as People are extra helpful and there is a little bit of magic in the air. Just as there always seems to be in the Uk during December.

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