Sunday, 4 August 2013

More pink hats lol for anothe niece

Again this is a hat I found on the net in which I made the brim with triple crochet stitch rather than double . And I used part of a pattern from a Turkish knitting magazine called Alize which seems to be one of the only knitting and crochet magazines I have managed to get my hands on here in Jordan. I am hoping to make another hat for my nephew and two new ones for my son for the winter so will be posting pictures over the  next week or two. I used to be quite intimidated by the thought of making a crochet hat but actually once you have found a good pattern and have got the idea they are easy. Now the next thing I want to be able to make is fingerless gloves and mittens. And also tonight's breakfast is going to be really delicious and so I am going to post the recipe  this evening . I will be getting plenty of tips from my lovely mother in law so keep posted.

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