Friday, 30 August 2013

More projects this week

I am trying to get an organised list of projects to get ready for going to the UK in December. I have started making a few gifts for my parents and a few essentials for the British winter time including a lovely pair of mittens which are my first. And this is to everyone who has seen something they would love to make but have not tried for fear of failure. Seriously I thought gloves and mittens were something for those who are professional knitters and crocheters and I have just made my first pair so If I can do it , you can . And that applies to all those crafts and things we think I can't . Today's the day we should say "I Can!!!". I can mend that door ( If I do  little research), I can make that dinner ( when I have a go), I can sing Karaoke (Because its fun / forget how good I am that bits not the point lol), I can learn a new language ( Its never too late - remember my grandfather in his final years learnt French !!!!)
OK will get off my soap box lol Back to projects bellow are the gloves for me .
Finished my dad's new winter hat finally Yay!!!!!
I made a pretty nice beanie hat for little Zak out of a recycled jumper which I unraveled. It kinda looks a little bit more ethnic than I was aiming for but when I finished it the result is really nice.

And a few decorative doilies for the TV table .... not bad.
Now the next scary project to try is socks. Socks ....... bet they r easy :)


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