Friday, 23 August 2013

Projects for the end of August

I am now trying as hard as I can to finish the hat I started what seems like a millennium ago for my dad for Christmas. Note to self - stop getting distracted by all the quickie crochet patterns which would be oh so charming presents for family and do the larger jobs first lol.

Talking about distractions I found a lovely pattern online for a wintry bobble hat and scarf novelty topper for a bottle of wine and thought my parents would love it so am making a couple for them as presents for when I visit in December.
Waking during the night with a terrible headache I grabbed a cup of tea and two paracetamol and decided to make one to see how easy they were. Was pleasantly surprised by the result and will be making a couple. After watching the movie dramatization of Willkie Colin's 'The Woman in White' I went rather happily back to bed for a few more hours sleep . :)))))))

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