Thursday, 1 August 2013

This weeks projects

Just thought I'd post my recent crochet projects to inspire you guys to get going with your stashes of wool. I  have been continuing the pink theme of this month some more as I wanted to make a lovely cloche hat and scarf for her for the winter months. And she really loves the colour pink.

I was thinking about the 1920s when I made this. And this is actually a good example of adding your own touches as I have with the extra band round the bottom. The movie I had in mind was the Artist and especially one scene in which you see the heroin watching the hero from a distance and its such an iconic shot. The way she is dressed and the single tear that crosses her cheek - very moving.
I am especially happy with this scarf I made to go with the hat as its a collaboration of several patterns I put together to make something unique. I love the dangly flowers. I might even make one for myself now as its soo cute.

And this cap style hat has been crocheted from some re-purposed  wool from an unwanted over sized man sweater my brother in law didn't like. I have been asked to make some winter wear for one of my nephews and this is the first piece. I have quite a lot of it so I might try and make a vest and scarf to go with it.

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