Monday, 19 August 2013

Today's blessing

They say a picture says a thousand words. So my blessing today is photographs and the world of photography. I have always had a great love for photographs and the messages they tell. This one above is a little obvious but I loved this stair case I saw in Palestine just after I got married and took a photo. I love the pealing paint behind the image which makes you think about the passage of time and life long love.

The most Moorish chocolate dessert I devoured at Charingworth manner hotel a couple of years ago on returning from my wedding in Jordan to the UK mmmmmm! I think that photos are my version of the wish most people have of being able to bottle their most cherished memories . I love to look at old photos and remember the happy times gone by. My memory is really quite sensory and so when I see a picture I can sometimes almost smell the smells and remember the sounds around me in the moment the picture was taken. Its my special way of being able to re-open those memory bottle I have stored away and re-live them again. Not bad eh!!!

The pungent heady scents which laced the air when I visited a wondrous open gardens near to my family home in Derbyshire, famous for its beautiful blooms. I can still remember that day as it had been lightly raining which brought out the perfume of the flowers even more and  it caressed me like a warm blanket as I walked around taking in the sights. Bliss !
And of course the winter wonderland I experienced in my first winter of married life. This was taken in the woodland which lies behind my parents home. I love the shadows left by the trees and the crisp sound the snow made that year under the boots I borrowed from my  dear mum. 

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