Friday, 23 August 2013

Today's blessing

Today's blessing is being able to find inspiration for my crochet, knitting and crafting in the world around me. Its amazing how the most mundane of objects can be transformed into the most beautiful addition to your home. For example this picture above and below are simply images from an ironing board cover I have at home. And yet this could be made into the most amazing embroidery piece. An embroidered pillow for the living room just with a little tracing paper and a bit of imagination. I am always looking for inspiration for my décor in and around my home and love to play with ideas and keep changing the general appearance every season and so keep everything fresh. Which reminds me will have to start thinking about next spring's cushion covers soon. I was thinking to have a set of embroidered covers for a change. But I think I might have to wait till my visit to the UK to get the white or cream material on which to embroider as I am rather low on material. Especially at the moment as I have been focusing on all things wooly lol.


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