Monday, 5 August 2013

Today's blessing

The weather in my blessing for today. The warm sunshine and especially at this time of year here is Jordan. Its this lovely warm weather which makes the local produce so great! It makes everything look brighter and more vivid than ever. The colour of everything seems lovelier and makes the whole atmosphere feel much like It used to when I was a child during the summer holidays ( relaxed and contented).
In the autumn and winter Jordan is rather like the UK in terms of temperature and weather. It has even snowed once or twice since I moved here which was an interesting experience.
I do however love the weather in England especially the rain . I have many wonderful memories of shopping days with my mum in which we would go and hit the sales of whatever season and finish up in a coffee shop surrounded by the comforting steam of cappuccino and the aroma of freshly baked cinnamon rolls - heavenly. Incidentally I have not had much opportunity to get to a Starbucks in Jordan so will have to make a point of going to one at Christmas when I am in the UK. I used to love the smells of the coffee shop intermingled with the rainy air and the smell of wet coats and slightly muddy boots of the people coming in and going outside again with their card cups of bliss. There was always a feeling of relief that I had got everything I needed at last and would not need to go back and could now go home with my mum and have a relaxing evening in front of  some new BBC period drama of the time. lol I have always loved period dramas.
I love hail though I haven't seen the really huge hail. I have heard stories about the hail in other countries getting as large as golf balls. Which makes me more grateful to be in a country at the moment which inly has tiny small hail. I love thunder and lightening as It has such a gothic feel to it. It reminds me of Mary Shelly's Frankenstein or Dracula .
I love the snow and sleet and the many memories I have of building snow men and throwing snow balls and of the beautiful scene it creates and how it turns the world into a romantic wonderland even if for a short time. The weather is an amazing thing which I feel blessed to be able to experience every day. :)

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