Sunday, 4 August 2013

Todays's blessing

Today's blessing is books. I absolutely love books and could quite possibly write a volume of my own explain why... maybe a box set lol, because books are simply one of the greatest inventions of all time. Through paper and ink we can express ourselves and tell our stories to the world in a way which is beyond priceless. Through novels we are literally able to time travel to the era of Jane Austin, Thomas Hardy, Charles Dickens and experience what they saw using one of our own greatest skills- our imagination. And its a life long love affair from childhood when we excitedly delve into the world of Rohl Dahl and Beatrix Potter and allow our young minds to see the possibilities. Through the teen years when we look to find a heroin who experiences things as we do to adulthood and our reflections on the meaning of it all. I love the smell of new books when you get them home and are just about to start reading them as though embarking upon a journey into unfamiliar lands. Both full of anticipation as to the story and characters and what will befall them.
I feel that good non fiction has the ability to touch people on the same level as fiction. Cooking books now a days seem to invite their readers into the authors home for a cup of tea whilst they entertain us with tales of their kitchen and teach us some delicious new meals to cook. DIY and hobbies books for me serve as an education as I am always wanting to learn more and develop my skills. I love history books as they cause my imagination to go on overdrive much like fiction does- reading about the Tudors or the second world war with a more than real understanding of what happened. Now because I love book does not mean I am the biggest book worm on the globe. Possibly the opposite in truth. The books I read I love very much but I have in the past been more of a hands on crafting girl rather than an in the corner beanbag cushion reader. I am however changing  it this year and will be reading a great deal more and adding book reviews for the books I read So Keep posted.

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