Sunday, 1 September 2013

Autumnal colours for projects new!

I am getting into re-salvaging wool from old jumpers and second hand knitwear more and more these days. Especially as my stash of wool is getting ever smaller and the opportunity to get out and buy anything is new is few and far being. So , given that predicament I have resolved to get on and unravel as many unwanted garments as I can physically get my hands on and create some fantastic new clothes for the cooler seasons to come and also my trip to the UK in December. I fell in love with a small jumper which was rather easy to de-tangle and am now making a fantastic beanie hat. I love the colour kind of reminds me of an Indian summer.

Another long term recycling project is a table mat I am making out of a machine knitted next jumper which I have been painstakingly pulling apart. So far its going well but I think I will need to finish pulling the whole garment apart before I finish this mammoth of a piece as my dining room table is rather large. I do love the style of the mat so far though - it has a kind of rustic feel and makes me think of all those lovely Laura Ashley interior pieces which I have admired before and then almost given myself a heart attack when glancing at the price tag. This feels so much better and has none of the guilt of buying it especially as If I now see cushion covers or table mats now a days I always wonder how easy it would be to make that myself and how much cheaper to boot.
Will be posting a tutorial for a truly recycled project for your kitchen - the recycled T-shirt potholder. Which is really easy and quick to make. As well as being green and reusing all those t-shirts you no longer like or want. Yay!!!! go green !!!!!!


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