Thursday, 5 September 2013

Pot holder/ mat tutorial

What you need

Old t-shirts ( the more elastin content the more flexible your t-shirt yarn)
an 8mm crochet hook

First things first

Making the t-shirt yarn. Firstly cut a line from just under the arms and also across the bottom of the t-shirt cutting off the bottom hem which can be a little to thick. 

You should at this point have a tube of fabric. Fold it in half with the seams together and cut strips from the inside towards the seams leaving about an inch before the seam.

 Do this down to the bottom of the tube then open. What you should have at this stage is a tube with cuts down.
I was not sure how to put the next part. You open the tube and at one of the top sides you make a diagonal cut on one side from the start of the edge to the very edge of the material and this side will then be repeatedly cut diagonally from one line of material to the next. The other side can then be cut across rather than diagonally. I hope you get the idea. When you have a long piece of material this is when the elastin in the material really helps. You hold the material by the side seams and pull gently and it will hopefully curl to form a yarn like string. Continue and don't worry if the seams cut you can tie them together and later when you crochet them they can add some texture to your piece if your making a rug for example. But if your wanting to make something neat you can tuck the ends in after you finish crocheting anyway so its not a problem.

Pot holder pattern

  1. Chain 20  and 2 extra for turning .
     2.Then triple crochet in the second chain from your hook. Triple crochet to the end.
     3.chain two and then triple again in the second from the hook and until the end.
Continue repeating step two until the desired size is acquired then fasten off.

The edging

Now the edging I made is quite easy and can be used for both pot holders and mats.
simply chain 3 then make a slip stitch in the first chain and then slip stitch in the base of the chain. then slip stitch in the next stitch you are making the edging in. And to make a loop just chain about 20 and then slip stitch back in the first chain and tie off.


  So when making a mat alternately you can make it any size as long as you add two chains at the end for turning and then when starting the next line make your first stitch in the second chain or stitch from your crochet hook.
Here is a dressing table mat I made from a recycled piece of lace I cut into strips and attached together, an old stretchy t shirt and an old vest. I really like the mixed textures of the materials all mixed together and It has freshened up the appearance of my dressing table . Not to mention I have gotten rid of some old clothes which were taking up much needed wardrobe space. It's a win win situation with recycling !!!!

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