Thursday, 5 September 2013

Today's blessing

OK today's blessing is trees. We take them for granted and forget how much work they do for us environmentally but aren't they amazing. Their beauty is unparalleled and the way  they create more oxygen for us to breathe incredible . They give us shelter from the rain or in my current case ( weather wise) the heat of the midday sun. They produce the most delicious fruits and they live many times longer than the average human. When I think of trees I think of the woodlands near to my parents home and the wonderful smell of the leaves if you got for a walk in the rain. I have always loved how when you are inside the woods you are sheltered by a huge umbrella of leaves but you can still hear the falling raindrops and smell the cool fragrance of the earth mixed in with the water. Its as much a wonderful sight to see it in winter when the snows have fallen and the whole scene is white and crisp flecked with the imprints of animals who have passed by the wayside.
Even after living here is Jordan for three years I still see the exotic trees and feel as though I am on a holiday as they are as different from my birth land as chalk and cheese. But I also love the landscape here as it has a wonder of its own and the trees here all have a story to tell of their own. The olive trees here produce the most wonderful olives which our family press into a deep pungent green olive oil and preserve the olives to with chili to eat with hummus and flat bread ( one of my and my son's favorite breakfasts). I love their waxy leaves and elegant form that reminds me of my trip to Italy many moons ago whilst on my travels. Trees are one of our most underrated resources in terms of the un surpass able job they do for our air, our food and our environment . One little idea for loving trees would be to plant one in your garden. When I was born my parents planted a cherry tree in their garden to celebrate and I think that's a really great thing to do. So plant a tree today - you could plant it as a celebration of a birthday or in memory of someone dear and at the same time you can play your part in improving the environment you live in . ( plus if you plant a fruit tree you get free fruit to make fantastic fruit pies and crumbles with , yummy!!!)

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