Thursday, 24 October 2013

Good evening all !
Just thought I'd add an extra recipe for the evening for all those people who love a nice hot chocolate before sleep. I usually warm a little milk in a pan and add a couple of dessert spoons of Nutella. Sometimes Its nice to also add a cinnamon stick for something a little more wintry. Then served with a couple of mini marshmallows or a Viennese twirl, the last TV viewing of the day and my most recent project. After all it is that time of the year when we are all staring to air out our warmer clothes and nice cosy slouch home wears. I love the cooler months when I have an excuse to don over sized jumpers and snuggle into fleece pyjamas and duvet like slippers, mmmmmm wonderful. Keep posted for my tutorial on a lovely warming mulled apple juice which is great for the designated driver, children and as well as those who do not partake of the ale. ( which I don't as am a t-totaller) 

Today's blessing

Today's blessing is our imaginations. I recently was invited to a wonderful tea party care of my little boy Zak. I watched as he poured all his furry guests small cups of tea and gave them cakes whilst all the time giving my a running commentary on everything he was doing. And I was reminded of how easily adults forget to let their creative spirits run wild and of how many wonderful things we can invent and make when we tap into this wondrous resource.
I myself, having been inspired by my son have started to design my own crochet patterns for our home and also am looking into some exciting new projects to reinvent my living space. So get creative today. get out your notepad and start jotting down your ideas. You could be someone who , like me likes to change your home every season to keep everything fresh. Or you could have a theme you would like to try. Go for it!, and like a child let your creative spirit run free :)
P.s I have used this blessing as an excuse to create a new tutorial for a wall hanging which I am going to post as soon as I get my photos sorted out. Yay!!!!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Whats new this week?

This week I have an endless list of projects in the middle of being made so It was nice to have a little break and try something new. You have probably seen the absolutely beautiful bird house wall hangings on the Internet at the moment. The pattern of which you have to pay $6-$7 for. Not that I am against it as the people who made the patterns are amazing. But I wanted to make my own version of it so I had a bit of an experiment and ended up with this, which isn't a bird house ( so no copyright infringements ... phew) Its a lovely country cottage with a flower garden. I may well add the pattern for this when I get a moment to make another and write down a pattern for it as it was completely through trial and error I ended up with this. Believe me when I say I am not an expert with wool so when I add this in future I will make it easy to copy. I have also posted this today to show you that once you can make basic shapes with crochet you can start to invent your own designs. I found with knitting you need a lot more experience before you can start creating your own unique patterns. But with crochet you can let out the inner artist a little more quickly once you can make squares, circles and triangles. The woolly world can be your oyster !!!!!! Give it a try!!!!!!

Monday, 21 October 2013

Add a little grafiti art to your home!!!!!!!

I made this skyline a while ago and thought I'd add a tutorial for it to my blog to show how easy it is to make and how quick. Now you will need an open space to do the spray painting in because they can get everywhere. Make sure you put plenty of old news papers on the floor if you don't want to redecorate the floor too.


Spray paints - now Because I painted a city scape at sunset I chose blue and orange but you can choose any colors your heart fancies.
Cardboard- Here I did  bit of recycling and used an old cereal box  which I had flattened out.
A pair of scissors
an exacto knife
a wooden chopping board or special cutting mat.
Piece of furniture you wish to paint- I painted a small white coffee table.


Firstly draw out your template onto the card. Now this stage is important as you are deciding which parts are going to be painted and which with remain in the base colour. Now I first painted the whole table blue. And made my template to be the shape of a city scape which I attached to the table with tacks. I then got out my orange spray paint and sprayed the sky. I held the spray can a little further away from the table than usual to create a slightly more sparse coverage and so give the effect of a sunset across a blue horizon.  I then made the suns template by simply drawing round a saucer on a piece of scrap card, cutting it out and ( after tacking it) spraying it in. After the paint has almost completely dried I carefully removed the card and then left it until completely dry. I then got out my tipex and added some lighted windows in my skyscrapers and hey presto a great new piece of furniture which shouts original as well as being totally unique to YOU!!!! I might add as an extra tip if you have some clear varnish to hand add a few coats for a more durable finish.  I unfortunately was not that lucky but I found that in the case that you can't get your hands on the right kind of varnish use the sticky plastic paper many schools use to cover books. I covered the top of my table with it and found that it provided a good wipe clean cover for my art.

Brighten up the morning with this fantastic smoothie!!!

Now I have recently started experimenting with my breakfasts to make them more interesting for my little boy and me and also to ensure he is getting enough vitamins and fibre in his diet ( which may also help with the old potty training... so) Here is my recipe for my banana honey bunny smoothie ( the name was inspired by a coffee I once drank whilst living in Poland in my early 20s which was called a 'café honey bunny')


2 bananas
between 250 and 400ml milk depending how much smoothie you want
honey to taste
porridge oats ( optional for an extra boost)
a couple of ice cubes


This is very easy simply add all ingredients to a blender and wallah!
A really lovely smoothie!!!
This recipe is also a really great mix for putting in ice lolly molds to give to tots when you are lucky enough to have an Indian summers day or even for a guilt free treat for a mum in need of 2 minutes break lol

Thursday, 17 October 2013

long time no see

Hi and no I haven't fallen off the edge of the planet lol. I had a few issues with my Internet and have been crazily busy with my list of woolly projects to complete and in fact am in the midst of several at the moment. I am going to post some new tip bits for you this week. A tutorial for a fantastic recycled rag rug to keep your home snugly warm over the cooler months ( although the cold weather has not yet arrived here am getting prepared), A fantastic new baby basket tutorial for new mums so you can hand out little chocolates or favors to well wishers and family visiting ( adorable) and some new recipes for the cooler weather including my own take on puff pastry apple bites ( which are baked so less guilt !). So watch this space....

The baby basket project was inspired by the fact that this last month my own dear sister in law has given birth to the most beautiful baby daughter and I wanted to give her a nice gift for when she had family around. It is already a tradition here in Jordan for families to have decorated baskets fill with beautifully wrapped chocolates to hand round to family and friends as they come to see the new baby and congratulate the happy parents. I have also used this new arrival as an opportunity to get knitting and crocheting and make a few tiny baby accessories.

I also celebrated the day by baking a huge chocolate cake .... I wont put a picture of that as .... as It was one of those cake tins that has a hole in the middle and as I was trying to cut it in half to put the filling in the top kinda collapsed. I managed to get the filling in and the top back on OK but its not what you call the most attractive finish ever lol. It was a huge success because of the filling  which was strawberry jam and cream which went really well with the nice light chocolate cake. It disappeared very quickly which also made me smile as it did to see everyone enjoying it .
Now for an important bit.

Happy Eid for Everyone!!!!!!!


This week has been the second Eid on the Islamic calendar. It is I have recently found out also called the sheep Eid as this is the time of the year when many families here in Jordan have a sheep slaughtered and donate the meat to organisations which provide meals for the poor. Its quite an important act of charity for Muslims here to help those less fortunate than themselves and through that say thanks for all the things they themselves have. The actual Eid was a few days ago but the holiday is about 4 or five days and so prior to the holiday people like to get their homes cleaned and tidied and then during the holiday they can completely relax and do nothing. Rather like I remember Christmas used to be like at home as a child with my parents. From Christmas day till new years eve was all about relaxing. So in that way its quite similar. I hope that we can all use this holiday as a great reason to be just a little kinder to our fellow humans as in my eyes we are all brothers and sisters regardless of denomination and the closer we come to co-operative living and understanding the closer we come to god. As it is through our hearts and our humility that we are able to achieve the greatest good!