Monday, 21 October 2013

Add a little grafiti art to your home!!!!!!!

I made this skyline a while ago and thought I'd add a tutorial for it to my blog to show how easy it is to make and how quick. Now you will need an open space to do the spray painting in because they can get everywhere. Make sure you put plenty of old news papers on the floor if you don't want to redecorate the floor too.


Spray paints - now Because I painted a city scape at sunset I chose blue and orange but you can choose any colors your heart fancies.
Cardboard- Here I did  bit of recycling and used an old cereal box  which I had flattened out.
A pair of scissors
an exacto knife
a wooden chopping board or special cutting mat.
Piece of furniture you wish to paint- I painted a small white coffee table.


Firstly draw out your template onto the card. Now this stage is important as you are deciding which parts are going to be painted and which with remain in the base colour. Now I first painted the whole table blue. And made my template to be the shape of a city scape which I attached to the table with tacks. I then got out my orange spray paint and sprayed the sky. I held the spray can a little further away from the table than usual to create a slightly more sparse coverage and so give the effect of a sunset across a blue horizon.  I then made the suns template by simply drawing round a saucer on a piece of scrap card, cutting it out and ( after tacking it) spraying it in. After the paint has almost completely dried I carefully removed the card and then left it until completely dry. I then got out my tipex and added some lighted windows in my skyscrapers and hey presto a great new piece of furniture which shouts original as well as being totally unique to YOU!!!! I might add as an extra tip if you have some clear varnish to hand add a few coats for a more durable finish.  I unfortunately was not that lucky but I found that in the case that you can't get your hands on the right kind of varnish use the sticky plastic paper many schools use to cover books. I covered the top of my table with it and found that it provided a good wipe clean cover for my art.

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