Monday, 21 October 2013

Brighten up the morning with this fantastic smoothie!!!

Now I have recently started experimenting with my breakfasts to make them more interesting for my little boy and me and also to ensure he is getting enough vitamins and fibre in his diet ( which may also help with the old potty training... so) Here is my recipe for my banana honey bunny smoothie ( the name was inspired by a coffee I once drank whilst living in Poland in my early 20s which was called a 'café honey bunny')


2 bananas
between 250 and 400ml milk depending how much smoothie you want
honey to taste
porridge oats ( optional for an extra boost)
a couple of ice cubes


This is very easy simply add all ingredients to a blender and wallah!
A really lovely smoothie!!!
This recipe is also a really great mix for putting in ice lolly molds to give to tots when you are lucky enough to have an Indian summers day or even for a guilt free treat for a mum in need of 2 minutes break lol

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