Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Whats new this week?

This week I have an endless list of projects in the middle of being made so It was nice to have a little break and try something new. You have probably seen the absolutely beautiful bird house wall hangings on the Internet at the moment. The pattern of which you have to pay $6-$7 for. Not that I am against it as the people who made the patterns are amazing. But I wanted to make my own version of it so I had a bit of an experiment and ended up with this, which isn't a bird house ( so no copyright infringements ... phew) Its a lovely country cottage with a flower garden. I may well add the pattern for this when I get a moment to make another and write down a pattern for it as it was completely through trial and error I ended up with this. Believe me when I say I am not an expert with wool so when I add this in future I will make it easy to copy. I have also posted this today to show you that once you can make basic shapes with crochet you can start to invent your own designs. I found with knitting you need a lot more experience before you can start creating your own unique patterns. But with crochet you can let out the inner artist a little more quickly once you can make squares, circles and triangles. The woolly world can be your oyster !!!!!! Give it a try!!!!!!

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