Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Afternoon thoughts

Having almost finished the huge job of getting packed and cleaning my home for when I go away next Sunday to England I have plonked myself with a cup of something nice and sparkling to write a few words. Firstly I truly believe we are all coming up to a really enjoyable part of the year. Its a time to reflect upon all the evens of the past year . The happy moments and the sadness, the unexpected surprises and the new things we learn about ourselves and those we love. It can also be a great time to look to the future and start to imagine what the next year will hold. What are we capable of if we just put aside the restricting 'I can't ' voices we all , at times have in our heads. I call upon YOU to write yourself a bucket list like in  the movie. I myself will be doing this whilst in the UK at Christmas and have a moment. Make a list of all the things you would love to do- no matter how silly ( bungee jumping, sky diving), places you would love to see, skills you would like to acquire and people you would love to meet. And make it your personal business to do as many of those things as you can within the next 4-5 years. And by the time you have done them your dreams will have developed so you will have a new list. The beauty of this list is in that  you can change it. Its not rigid so if you decide what you wanted to do 3 years ago has changed you can simply rip up the list and start a fresh. But it means you always have a powerful goal to work towards. So go for it and remember the only restrictions in life are the ones you have mentally made for yourself !!!

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