Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Long time no speak

The truth is I am going to the UK over Christmas and have been running about like a headless chicken trying to prepare for going. As well as finishing some long over due projects and doing a great clean out of our family home. I am somewhat of a hoarder of material and notions. Much of which I never make anything out of . So I decided to get my new years resolutions started to 2014 early and do a thorough de-junking of my space.

I am trying to finish a rectangle recycled clothing rug for my sister in law, which is proving to be taking longer and more material than I first anticipated lol but it is really soft and cosy underfoot. Its for the doorway of her sons bedroom. My sister in law like many families here have stone floors with a couple of well placed rugs. However the cool stone which is so refreshing during the hot summer months can seem unbearable to walk on during the winter. So I thought I'd make her a couple of rugs to make her nest more snugly. :)

I am incredibly proud at the moment to have finished my first Knitted lace pattern and so have added a photo. Now this is to prove a point to you guys really and listen! I have spent most of my life not having a go at some of the things I would have loved to try simply because I thought I would not be able to do it. A wise person once told me that in every new project we try 90% of the whole 100 % is our attitude. That if we approach the unknown with the attitude of 'however this goes I am going to handle it and learn from it' you can never go wrong. Because even if I had tried the pattern and made huge holes in it or dropped stitches I could still unpick it and try again but try a different way and so succeed and learn from it how not to just as much as how to.
A last minute present for my sister in law for helping me out with packing my bags and generally being there when I was short of Nescafé 3 in 1s and the odd vegetable or painkiller or a friendly ear.
I am hoping to post some new recipes and project ideas during December while I am in the UK and defiantly will be posting some breathtaking pictures of the countryside where my home is so keep posted.

Just time for a cup of tea and and cake with Zak's lovely gang of friends lol. I have a small tin tea pot and some espresso cups and saucers which he loves to play with making sure everyone has their own cup of tea and plate and providing them with some music to listen to from his music box, singing to them or telling them a story. What a magical time it is now !

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